Monday, December 8, 2008

Some more projects..

Hi everyone!!
Thanks for the sweet comments about the kitchen! I am so glad it's finished-- we are enjoying it everyday!
Christmas has officially begun in the Fennell household! Tonight we decorate our tree and then it's finished! Everything else is out and's such a nice feeling!
Of course I still need to make cards, cookies, gifts, shop and wrap! EEKK!
But I will get it done-I always do. The Barbies are coming over for a cookie exchange on Friday-I can't wait!
I wanted to share some of my creations I have been busy making for the past month or so.
I made several projects for Provo Craft for the Michaels website. In case you were wondering why you haven't seen anything new in my Provo Craft gallery-I have been creating projects for Michaels for about a year now, so thats where all of my projects are posted.

Here are some I have made for the holidays recently using the Cricut--this machine rocks! If you have been thinking about gettng one or you have one you don't use-play around with it-it is so fun!

A cute little candy jar decorated with paper snowflakes, filled with blue M&M's....
A cookie tin wrapped in cardstock, decorated with snowflakes, trim, ribbon and tags-this can be used as a decoration after the cookies are long gone!

And a snowflake garland, with photos! I glittered every snowflake and layered them. I weaved two different ribbons through each one and added photos on every other snowflake. This will look awesome on any tree!

These are little gift cardholders. I made boxes from cardstock and then decorated with some cute images...these boxes are from last year but I still love them and the idea!And this is a photo card idea-kind of shabby looking with fun paper accents and ribbon....So thats it for now! I plan to post gift ideas every other day-I have so much to share with everyone! Some ideas include mini books that can be given as presents even if they aren't Christmas themed. Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Cari

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sherry czarnecki said...

wowzers, awsome job on your projects girlfriend, Fabulous!

Melonie said...

Adorable projects Cari!

Shemaine Smith said...

Great projects, WOW that you design for Michaels! Yay for you :)That store is my home away from home lol

catie said...

Hey Aunt Cari!!! Happy Holidays :]