Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is it time yet?

Hey friends!!
The anticipation in this house is huge! The boys can not wait for Christmas and I added a song to my playlist that represents the feeling perfectly! It's the song from the Target commercial. LOL! We are just about ready-just need to do some last minute shopping, clean the house a bit and get ready for Uncle Matt's arrival. I have a cookie exchange with my girls Wednesday night (or as Pete calls it-Chardonnay night-haha!) I am a lot less stressed with so much crossed off my list. And i have come to the realization that not everything needs to be perfect. Why put that kind of pressure on myself-right?

Here is a Prima mini book I made using their Christmas papers, flowers and clear BAB pages. I just love the red-it's so vibrant! I mixed aquas, pinks, lime green and reds together to match the papers. This was really fun to create. I stamped some swirls using aqua colored paint and then added silver swirls too. Then added a mix of silver ribbon with lace and more ribbon on the book ring too.

I still have to add photos to the pages but it's easier for everyone to see how I put the book together without them for now. More flower clusters and cute little bling images throughout the book and areas for journaling.

I used the white backing from the snowflake Voila felt strip and layered bling snowflakes over it. All of the paper edges were distressed a bit. I also used ribbon and lace for a decorative touch to border the page. Brads and centers adorn some of the flower centers too.

It was so fun mixing and matching the flowers. Adding silver leaves and sparkly centers give a holiday feel from ordinary flowers. And another piece of snowflake backing was added to the background too.

I love the look of the felt aplhabet-it's soft and bold at the same time. And the hot pink color matches the paper too. And it wouldn't be right if I didn't add an oversized ribbon here and there too...

Can't wait to add some holiday photos to this little beauty! Thanks for stopping by! I will have another holiday project post before the big day. Hope you all have a fun creative week...

xoxo Cari

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Candy Wreath for the holidays!

Hey friends!
I finally made my candy wreath video! Time has been slipping away and I wanted to get this done for everyone. I have been busy each day with work and getting ready for Christmas-but it's all good! I hope to share a few more ideas with you before the craziness really starts!

If you are looking for a cool gift idea-these candy wreaths are great for offices, housewarming, neighbors and more! This is also a great project for older kids that want to make gifts too.
They are really easy to make and inexpensive too! I like to shop for the candy at dollar stores, Target, grocery store, etc..And if you want to make a lot of them-go to Sam's club for large containers. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions in the comment section-I am happy to help!

For the Candy Wreath-you will need:
Wire Hanger-the brass ones, not the white
Wire Cutters
Ribbon Pieces-to hang it
Hard Candies-with twist tied ends (like the starlight mints)-I tend to get about 7 bags to make a few wreaths.

Candy Wreath Tutorial with Cari Fennell from Cari Fennell on Vimeo.

Have a great day!!
xoxo Cari
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