Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Wishing you lots of scrappiness and good times in the year to come! We are home tonight chillin' (literally) with the kids. They are so excited to stay up until Midnight--we'll see if they make it-hehe!

And I thought I would post a couple of things too...
Here are a couple of sneak peeks of the Bad Girls January kit---I am so in love with it!
The reveal is January 5th!
And a couple of cards to share-why? just because.... this little number was published in a recent Paper Crafts issue-so easy to create!
And it's never to early to start thinking of Valentine's Day cards-am I right? This one is made of acetate, decorated with a Prima felt mattie, hand cut heart from Prima paper and then an awesome little bling key guessed it--Prima. Oh yeah-the ribbon too! All of it!

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Cari

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Is Almost Here!

I can't believe it is only a few days until Christmas! I am just finishing my cards tonight to send out--very bad! But at least I made them this year! I will post a photo of them tomorrow. I scraplifted a Hero Arts card because I am creatively wiped out! Well not really-just too lazy to come up with something on my own-hehe! The Hero Blog has so many amazing ideas and they make me want to buy every single stamp they make. It drives me crazy! I have no room for anything more but I can't resist! Let alone having the time to play with them.

Here are some more last minute ideas for all of you looking for something to create or maybe file away until next year. After Christmas sales are the best time to purchase some plain glass ornaments-they get marked down to almost nothing. I buy a bunch of plain colored large glass ones that come in boxes and stash them away. This project is also a great way to use up extra flowers or embellishments too!
These are some ornaments I adorned with Prima flowers and swirls. These were harder to photograph than I thought-I wanted to get all of the angles so that you can see all of the details.

And here is a cute little gift box I embellished to hold a gift card. It's one of the boxes some of my Prima flowers came in. I love re purposing stuff! This cute little wreath was so easy to make! I bought an inexpensive little berry wreath at JoAnns and I found a cute little wallet sized frame at Target. I put the photo in the frame, wrapped the ribbon around it, replaced the back and tied it to the wreath. Then added a fancy bow at the top with a flower in the center. I gave this to my Mom and she LOVED it! I guess it never gets old when your kids make you homemade gifts for the holidays!

Thats all for now! I will be back tomorrow with an adorable little book I made using Sass-A-Frass Lass Christmas papers and my scraplifted card ;)

xoxo Cari

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hello Weekend!

Hi everyone!!
I am so glad it's the weekend-the whole week was crazy and busy! I had my cookie exchange last night with my scrappy girls--we do a gift exchange too-but we do the "Steal Someone's Bag If You Like It Better Game"-lol-not sure what to call it! It was so fun and it got evil toward the end--lots of stealing and I think poor Amy was targeted the most!! But I think they were ALL fabulous gifts--I just love these girls! And...we had the most amazing assortment of cookies known to man....WOW-these girls can bake! I am sure to gain 10 pounds this week..sigh

We got a ton of snow yesterday! So the kids will be sledding for sure! It certainly feels like the holidays with all of that gorgeous white stuff floating around. I hope to get a lot of scrappy work done today--yay!
Worth Mentioning:
Graphic 45 is featuring the December Bad Girls Kit-Grannie's Attic
They are going to post the DT's work all weekend long-so cool! There is going to be lots of
eye candy when they show all of the gorgeous LO's-the girls did a great job with this kit-so inspiring! Check it out:

Prima Blog: There has been so much posted over there-tons of amazing holiday ideas, gorgeous creations and classes too! My red christmas book was featured and you can see more pages of that if you visit. I only showed a couple here. They like to show projects there first before we can post them ourselves.
And keep checking in over there-I have a bunch more holiday ideas they plan to feature! YAY!
And here are some more crafty holiday ideas:

These two cards have been published in Paper Crafts-I love making stamped cards for Christmas. And I love adding gold or stickle sparkle too!!

This card is over the top embellished-but I love it! I have an idea about how to use it differently-so I think I will do this and post it after the weekend!! I used the Voila as a mask and sprayed with glimmer mist. Then I added the trim at the bottom and tons of flowers.

This ornament was made a while back for a magazine project through Prima. I still love it and thought it was a great idea to share. I cut a circle from chipboard and covered both sides with paper. Then cut a left over photo and placed it onto the prepared chipboard. Then embellished and added ribbon to hang. So easy-another great idea for the kiddos!!Thats all for today!! I will be back soon!
xoxo Cari
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lots of things to share!!!
The Bad Girls December Kit is now revealed!!
Grannie's Attic: so vintage and shabby chic-lots of goodies and amazing papers!
This kit was a challenge for me to create with, I'm not used to using paper lines like this but I have to admit-the challenge was fun and I love the layouts I created! And the add-ons are to die for!!!

The challenge for December was to create a layout about what brings you peace...
I had Jack photograph my hands shaped as a heart and then added all of the things that bring me peace...
These are photos of my Dad as a little guy, wearing a sailor suit my Grandmother loved! He looks so adorable! I loved working with these older vintage photos!!!

Another LO using photos of my Dad--he was sooo cute! Grandma was great about taking lots of photos of him when he was growing up--thanks Grandma!!! I cut out some of the images from the paper, used an old receipt from the kit and love the crepe paper by Jenni Bowlin-she is genius!

This is a photo of my Grandfather-he was always working with his hands. Back then, everyone knew how to make their own repairs, wiring, plumbing, building...amazing times!

This ornament was so easy to create-I love the vintage look of it!! And as it turns out-my Mom snagged it for her own tree! LOL!! All you need to do is accordian fold a 3in x 12 in piece of paper-two of them! Using heavy duty tape to attach and add a circle chipboard piece for the back to make it more sturdy. Use a cupcake paper cup for the center and cut out the little vintage girl for the center. Add glue around the outside and in the creases-then sprinkle with glitter! Add some velvet ribbon to the top to hang it with--you're done!
And as promised-a cute little book to use as a gift this year! I used a Melissa Francis flower mini book for this project! Cover the front with patterned paper and tie some ribbon around it. Then attach a tag with a small saftey pin. Ink the edges too if you like!

Make everyother page a pocket page-take out all of the pages from the book-cut 5 of them about 1/3 off the top. Replace them in the book, everyother page and adhere around just the edges so you have a pocket. Stamp fun swirls or snowflakes onto the pages.

I used my Cricut machine to cut out a bunch of different tags, I stamped on them and embellished with ribbon, brads, etc! Fun to make-the kids can help with this too!
Then give it as a hostess gift of a friend so they can use them as To/From for their gifts. And the book can be used for something else later after the tags are gone!

Thas all for today! I'll be back tomorrow!!!!
xoxo Cari
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Some more projects..

Hi everyone!!
Thanks for the sweet comments about the kitchen! I am so glad it's finished-- we are enjoying it everyday!
Christmas has officially begun in the Fennell household! Tonight we decorate our tree and then it's finished! Everything else is out and's such a nice feeling!
Of course I still need to make cards, cookies, gifts, shop and wrap! EEKK!
But I will get it done-I always do. The Barbies are coming over for a cookie exchange on Friday-I can't wait!
I wanted to share some of my creations I have been busy making for the past month or so.
I made several projects for Provo Craft for the Michaels website. In case you were wondering why you haven't seen anything new in my Provo Craft gallery-I have been creating projects for Michaels for about a year now, so thats where all of my projects are posted.

Here are some I have made for the holidays recently using the Cricut--this machine rocks! If you have been thinking about gettng one or you have one you don't use-play around with it-it is so fun!

A cute little candy jar decorated with paper snowflakes, filled with blue M&M's....
A cookie tin wrapped in cardstock, decorated with snowflakes, trim, ribbon and tags-this can be used as a decoration after the cookies are long gone!

And a snowflake garland, with photos! I glittered every snowflake and layered them. I weaved two different ribbons through each one and added photos on every other snowflake. This will look awesome on any tree!

These are little gift cardholders. I made boxes from cardstock and then decorated with some cute images...these boxes are from last year but I still love them and the idea!And this is a photo card idea-kind of shabby looking with fun paper accents and ribbon....So thats it for now! I plan to post gift ideas every other day-I have so much to share with everyone! Some ideas include mini books that can be given as presents even if they aren't Christmas themed. Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Cari

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey hey!!

OK-I haven't been around much on the blogger side of life. You know how things get crazy-one thing after another? And I had a ton of projects to do-so i have been busy at my table creating!
But first I will show pictures of my kitchen!! I am so happy with it!! The only bad thing-I can't find my before photos---sigh... no idea where they went. I included some work in progress pics too!I refaced all of my cabinets myself-it was so fun! But a lot of work!

Trust me-the whole kitchen was dark brown wood everywhere you see white now. And The floor and counter were blue! yuck!

Scrappy News!

I've had a lot of projects due lately as I said before! I made a Christmas Album for the Bad Girls Worshop but i had a ton of scraps left over so I decided to do another!

Thats all i can post for now!! I will be back with more goodies soon!
xoxo Cari

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