Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hey hey!!

OK-I haven't been around much on the blogger side of life. You know how things get crazy-one thing after another? And I had a ton of projects to do-so i have been busy at my table creating!
But first I will show pictures of my kitchen!! I am so happy with it!! The only bad thing-I can't find my before photos---sigh... no idea where they went. I included some work in progress pics too!I refaced all of my cabinets myself-it was so fun! But a lot of work!

Trust me-the whole kitchen was dark brown wood everywhere you see white now. And The floor and counter were blue! yuck!

Scrappy News!

I've had a lot of projects due lately as I said before! I made a Christmas Album for the Bad Girls Worshop but i had a ton of scraps left over so I decided to do another!

Thats all i can post for now!! I will be back with more goodies soon!
xoxo Cari

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Ingvild Bolme said...

Ooohh.. Your kitchen looks sooo nice, well done Cari! I love it!

And, you know I always love your work, and I love this clear album too! Everything you do rocks Cari!

domestic goddess said...

love taht mini book, and i so wish we had huge kitchens like you do, *sigh*

Unknown said...

Yeah! It's finally done! Congrats! Love that mini too!

phamil said...

WOW, Cari, your kitchen is awesome! We just redid ours last year, and it's a JOB! We did it ourselves too! I love the wall color, and the floor is awesome too, I love the color of the wood.

I really loved your Bad Girls album, and this one is just as cool! You always inspire me, and you scrap the way I wish that I could! You use color perfectly!!!

Have a great Holiday Season!!!

Ania said...

Woah it looks AMAZING!! So pretty and cozy and lovin the customized table/chairs!!! Lovin the album...wish I had your stamina when it comes to such minialbums, Im into mini-minialbums if I have to!!

Unknown said...

just visited the Prima blog and DANG girl! You are rocking! Amazing cards and projects! Love them all. Great work!

The Sonboul's said...

Your kitchen is so divine!!! I just love it! I love how the table is built in :) you are one lucky girl. P.S. CUTE PROJECT!!!