Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey hey!!

I have been MIA-the boys are throwing me for a loop with school, not a good start to the school year. I am trying to give Jack my undivided attention when he gets home so I can help him with his work, he is very overwhelmed! I feel so bad for him-he has never had this kind of trouble so I am hoping to get him back on track. So far-so good! And Bryan came home the other day and told me he had a great day and I asked why? He said it was because he wasn't sent outside the room today--I was like---WHAT??? LOL!! Not good! I feel like it's been a full moon since school has started!

Enough about that! Lets get down to scrappy business-
I just finished a cute Halloween banner-it's for an upcoming class at my LSS...I love the way it turned out-can't wait to hang it up!
Here are some pics:

And I was really busy creating cards for the Stamp It! call that just ended-I did manage to get a couple of cards picked up, but I thought I would share some that didn't that I really love. I think my problem was, I made too many Christmas cards and didn't go for variety-I probably would have had more accepted. The first one is a mini card-they are so fun to create with leftover scraps! It felt good to make cards-I get in the mood to create them and I can't stop!

OK-gotta go get the kiddos up for school-I will post more goodies soon!

xoxo Cari

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Monday, September 8, 2008


OK-so I was looking through my photos the other day and came across one I had forgotten about. It is from our trip to Cooperstown in the beginning of the summer.
Well-let me back track for a moment: Peter loves to go onto the internet and check restaurants in the area we plan to visit-he loves doing this! And he came across a chinese restaurant called:
Foo Kin John's-we were laughing hysterically! We were like-"what the Foo K?" "Where the Foo K is this place?" Who would name their Foo Kin restaurant like this? Yes-it went on for

And I came across the photo I took when we found it in the middle of town. We didn't eat there-we weren't in the mood for Chinese at the time, but i took a photo of their sign!
And we were like--"That Foo Kin place does exist!"

On another note:

I taught my class today for Top Designer at Bad Girls! I was so nervous to be the first to post a class but it went well-they seem to really like it! Phew! So-now it's off and running, but we decided to let people register and sign in for class until Tuesday at Midnight PST since the site was down a little longer than we anticipated. So there is still time to sign up if you want!I am hard at work on more projects this week for Provo Craft and Prima. I hope to get together with my girls this Friday to do some scrapping and of course eating! And drinks too! hehe!I may have more work to share soon if I can get my photos downloaded and ready.

Have a great day everyone!

xoxo Cari

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Friday, September 5, 2008

*GASP*-Top Designer Prize Package!

Hey everyone!
I just had to post and give you a peek at the Top Designer Prize over at Bad Girls!!
Woah! I wish I could win this baby! Amazing!
We have quite a few registrants and the teachers are all geared up for their classes!
This is going to be so much fun! I have to admit-don't tell Wendy-I am nervous for the first day of school! My class is the first one taught and I hope everyone learns something new from it and likes it!
So if you want to register and haven't already-sign up under Top Designer academy-you will see the thread but here it is anyway:
and here is the prize package again!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sept. 1st...

Hi everyone!!
We are back from the lake-what a great weekend to end the summer! Awesome food, being with family and amazing weather! I forgot my memory card-argh!!-so no pics. I left it in the printer before I left-I hate it when I do that!
Last night was the reveal for the Spetember Bad Girls Kit-amazingbrightfunfunky!
I had so much fun working with it!
And Top Designer begins in a week!! WOOHOO! The classes are amazing, the layouts are gorgeous and the prize package is AWESOME!! Wish i could win that baby!

Here are my layouts and some close-ups for you to see from the kit.
I have to get back to the creative side of life now. I have a big thing I am doing for Prima-can't tell you yet but you will see soon!
xoxo CAri

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