Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey hey!!

I have been MIA-the boys are throwing me for a loop with school, not a good start to the school year. I am trying to give Jack my undivided attention when he gets home so I can help him with his work, he is very overwhelmed! I feel so bad for him-he has never had this kind of trouble so I am hoping to get him back on track. So far-so good! And Bryan came home the other day and told me he had a great day and I asked why? He said it was because he wasn't sent outside the room today--I was like---WHAT??? LOL!! Not good! I feel like it's been a full moon since school has started!

Enough about that! Lets get down to scrappy business-
I just finished a cute Halloween banner-it's for an upcoming class at my LSS...I love the way it turned out-can't wait to hang it up!
Here are some pics:

And I was really busy creating cards for the Stamp It! call that just ended-I did manage to get a couple of cards picked up, but I thought I would share some that didn't that I really love. I think my problem was, I made too many Christmas cards and didn't go for variety-I probably would have had more accepted. The first one is a mini card-they are so fun to create with leftover scraps! It felt good to make cards-I get in the mood to create them and I can't stop!

OK-gotta go get the kiddos up for school-I will post more goodies soon!

xoxo Cari

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your boys! I hope that things settle down really soon. School issues are such a hard thing!

I love that banner and the cards are beautiful! Congrats on getting some picked up!

Ania said...

Oh yey!! Not into themed stuff but that banner makes even me want to make one!!! WIsh I could take your class for real!! :D And yay about the cardpickups!! :D