Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Holiday Ideas!

Hello friends-
How's your December going?
I hope all of the holiday planning is going well for you and you're not too stressed.
I have certainly been busy and I know it's going to keep getting busier as I get further into December. Decorations are up and the house looks great. Shopping on the other hand-not even close to being done. The thought of Christmas cards makes me cringe, since I havent even started them. I have had the urge to create a lot lately....but just not Christmas cards. Not yet anyway...

Instead-I have created some projects that I want to use for gift giving. I made some gift card holders out of Prima packaging and decorated a cute paper mache house I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

I have some Christmas decorations that I decided would make great templates for the gift card holders. I traced them onto the packaging, cut out and did some sewing (badly I might add) around the edges. I used a cream colored thread and did a straight stitch using a denim needle. I colored the Prima resist canvas using two different Glimmer mists-Apple and Olive Vine-spraying the lighter first....The canvas pieces are from the North Country Collection...love them! I kep the backing on them so they could "hang off" the edges a bit. I sealed over the top with some Multi Medium by Ranger.

I added a strip of Printery patterned paper along the top of the stocking. Then around the paper I added lace, twine and seam binding. In the middle of the bows, I added a glittered snowflake and a vintage button. The tag was punched out from cream paper and I stamped the little sentiment from the North Country Stamp set by Prima. All of the edges were inked with Vintage photo too...

I also traced a mitten and went along the same route for decorating as I did for the stocking. This time I sprayed canvas snowflakes and changed out the lace as well. The sewing on this one is a bit better than the last....there is hope for me yet :)

I added a little piece of lace at the top of both thinking that maybe after giving them as a gift card holder-they could later be used as ornaments or tags...so giving them something to hang them with is a good addition just incase.

This little house was found in the paper mache section at Hobby Lobby and it was priced at 2.99. What a deal! And sometimes they have that section at 40% off, so to hit that time frame is even better! I painted it with a cream colored acrylic paint and lined the inside of the house with light colored paper....because....I want to add a little LED light-the little tealight kind-to the inside. They dont get hot and the lighter paper will illuminate the light a bit better... I added Printery paper to the sides of the house and a banner across the front to cover where the top meets the bottom. The top lifts off and I wanted to cover the seam. Then I covered it entirely with crystal glitter...looks like sugar.

I now want to make 20 of these...I really do. Perhaps I will or I might remember that I have Christmas cards to make....haha!

Thanks again for stopping by and I will be back soon with more ideas...

xoxo Cari

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Vicky Alberto said...

all so very beautiful

Kathy said...

I love that you used a non-traditional colour combination for these gorgeous items!

Anonymous said...

hi just registered ,, tina

Barbara said...

Cari these are Beautiful!!you so inspire .

Kristina said...

Love them! Who needs a card anyway? you know they'll just throw them away :)
The house is just so gorgeous. I saw some very similar at TJMaxx ready made and yours is much gorgeouser (yep so pretty that I had to make up a word for it) With the crystal coating you have earned your nick name, Sugar Chunks *yep now, every one will know!


ArteDar said...

AWESOME CARI....and at last I found your blog and need to "stalk" you har har har!
Merry Christmas my lil' SweetPotato

ArteDar said...

Awesome lil' house...love it! And, now I found your blog and will have to "stalk" you...har har har!
Merry Christmas lil' Sweetpotato!!!
Peace and Love, ArteDar

Steph Devlin said...

Hey Cari, Just dropping by to say have a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for you, you know how much I adore your stuff.
Hugs, Steph xo
PS Still holding you to that visit to Adelaide, Australia. You HAVE to come back !!!!!!