Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey all!

Whats all this you ask???
I wanted to pop in and share an amazing class going on over at Bad Girls!
Jen has created a class that shows you how to print photos onto...well-just about anything!
Aluminum Foil, Tags, Tapes and more! The results are beyond amazing and it's so cool to learn something new-right?

Even though the class was posted already-it will be available for a month so you can purchase the class and check it out at your own leasure. It's also posted in stages which is nice. You can take in a little bit at a time to play and practice as you go. Jen is there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
Here is the info:

Alternative Photo Printing
Online Class taught by Jen Matott
June 15th -17th

Class Description:Are you bored with regular photographs on photo paper? Do you long to add more texture and interest to your artwork and pages? This in depth class is for you! I will show you how to print photographs and images onto alternative surfaces. Basically, any surface that will fit through your printer is free game! I will walk you through from simple photo editing to getting the most effective image from your printer. Forget the traditional way of using photographs... this class will have you recycling materials, playing with digital techniques and using media in a whole NEW way!!! I will share my secrets to printing on ribbon, metal, transparencies, and even sandpaper! You will not find this class anywhere else except on Bad Girls! Join me for a fun and addictive technique class!

You will also see a new class posted by Jeni Boisvert
Photoshop Color Pop
Amazing things you can do with the program!!! I totally need this class!
She is so talented and I love that she is sharing it with us!

Photoshop Color Pop!
Online Class taught by Jeni Boisvert
June 25th - 27th$25.95
-Class Description:This super simple and fun hands on approach to Photoshop is a great starting point for beginners and intermediate users that want to bring their work to life! I will guide you along using Adobe Elements 7. I will share with you some tips and tricks that I use, as well as some of my "secrets" for getting custom color and having it do what you want it to do for the look and feel you are going for! Photoshop is as limitless as your imagination, and this class will open up a whole new world for you. You will learn Color Enhancements, as well as other looks for your photos such as Vintage, Color Splash, Color Wash, Black and White looks. We'll learn about blending modes and layers, as well as a cool trick for working with layer masks in elements that are otherwise only available in higher versions of Photoshop. We will also be making fun banners and blinkies! This Class includes a private forum as well as video instruction and a downloadable .pdf file. As a special bonus you will have access to some custom downloadable papers and brushes made exclusively for this class!

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Rebecca said...

Hi Cari - Hope all is well! Your blog looks great! Olivia and I are taking your canvas album class and look forward to seeing you on the 28th!
- Rebecca