Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Friday!!

Ahh...I just got back from having a Birthday sleepover for Jack at the lake. He invited a few of his friends and we entertained! They had a blast-they fished, went tubbing, we took them out for dinner on the boat, they swam and sat by the fire both nights with smores a plenty!! Jack loved it! And so did his friends! I am beat! LOL!
And I am glad to be home again!

My class went well last night-we had fun and the girls loved the minibook!
We are headed out to see the Allman Brothers tonight-can't wait!

I have a baby shower to attend on Sunday for my dear friend Holly! She is having a girl so I can't wait to shop for baby girl clothes-that is the best!

And then we plan to attend the NYS Fair on Monday-the boys LOVE the fair! The food is the best part!!

Over at Bad Girls-we are starting the Next Top Designer contest in September-it will be so fun! So many participated last year and the classes were well received! They loved them! And the competition was fierce! I look forward to this contest-it will be so fun! My class is the first one to kick it off!

I also wanted to mention-the wide ribbons I use are made by May Arts-aren't they awesome? I love that ribbon-it is my favorite-incase you didn't know-LOL!
OK-I will leave you with some fun photos from the lake. Hope everyone has a fabulous day! Check out crazy Bryan jumping off the dock!
xoxo Cari

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Ania said...

The photos from the lake looks like great fun! :D Thanks for the note about the to hunt...ebay didnt really yield too many quality searches:/

Holly Terra said...

buy baby girl clothes my A$$. :)
You were buying COACH.
I took it to the mall yesterday.
I NEEDED to have it with me so that I could match the wallet 100% :)~~.


The Sonboul's said...

LOL that last photo is brilliant!