Thursday, July 5, 2012

Internationally Inspired!

Hey friends! 
Well, the day has finally come and I can shout this out to the world! I have been keeping it a secret for so long and it was really really hard not to share...or hint...or anything! I was so excited (and honored) to be asked to participate in this online class adventure. Then terror soon set in....I am with an amazingly talented group of girls and I wasn't sure how I would measure up. Seriously. But this is exactly what I needed and it pushed me beyond my comfort zone and a new path to creativity was born. I am so happy with the end results and this project has to be one of my very favorites to was truly FUN to create.

Please read on to see what inspired Donna to start this dynamic adventure and get some of the details on what's to come....


One of the questions I get asked most often is, “where is the best place that you have travelled to?” My answer is always the same…regardless of where in the world I am, it is the people and the relationships made that make a life long impact on me. That said, I have been blessed enough to travel the globe, meet and build relationships with other creatives like myself, see and experience cultures and be present as the common threads tied so many of these experiences together because no matter the native tongue of each country we all communicate our passion through ART.
Each country I have visited and culture brings a new and intrinsically unique spin on the creative process, impacting on not only design style but the availability of product. In the United States we are often spoiled by the immediacy in which we can acquire creative mediums and products, while other cultures are often, out of necessity, stretching their creativity by finding new inventive ways to use the products that they do have. Because I have been fortunate enough to create with and be introduced to so many amazingly talented people through my 10 years of travel, I wanted to bring these artists and a bit of their culture to a more global venue and I cannot think of anything more global than the internet.
I have asked 4 very talented artists to accompany me in this first workshop in the series. I shipped each artist a big box of my products and asked them to video record their creative process. For some this was their first time in front of the camera, for others it was old hat…their only instruction was that they had to use some part of every product in the box. With no limitations on their creative styles, additional products or finished result, the results were authentically beautifully representing each artist and showcasing their stylistic niches. I watched each artist create absolutely in awe of their creative process and how each artist transformed my products.
I have no doubt that you too will be just as blown away as I was watching them create.
this will be an experience like non the world becomes just that much smaller and the talents from around the globe share with you their unique ideas as they each assemble dynamic mixed-media books step-by-step right in your own home.
each artist's video is approximately 1.5-2 hours in length and details their process from start to finish, allowing you to watch all the way through, create along side her or interpret her ideas in your own style.
registration opens JULY 15, 2012
and will be offered at an incredible price
{5 workshops for the price of 1... incredible right!!!}
I am honored to introduce you to the artists in my new online workshop series Internationally INSPIRED.

2011 finn2
warsaw, POLAND
Anna sample-

Cari Fennell Low Res
new york, USA
Cari sneap peek

Nathalie pic
hamburg, GERMANY
Nathalie sneak peek-

Birgit sneak peek-

Me head 5x7--
north carolina, USA
Donna sneak peek-

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pooky said...

Congrats to you Cari!!!!
I'm sure you will inspire!

kantig34 said...

Congratulations, Cari! I am so tempted to sign up just because I LOVE your work! It sounds awesome and I cannot wait to see what you create:)

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Congratulations! Your work is brilliant! I'm your newest follower! :D

Manuela Navarro said...

Que magnifica idea! gracias por acordarte de todas aquellas qeu vivimos tan lejos.
Estare deseando participar!!!
Me encanta tu trabajo ya lo sabes.