Friday, April 10, 2009

Prima Studio!!!

Hey everyone!!!
I have been a busy girl working hard on all of my class projects, trying to get caught up!
And planning ahead! Not an easy task, especially all at once.....

I got an e-mail from Sharon today saying our videos are up!!!
I haven't watched mine yet, so I'm not so sure how well I look. It is day 5 into CHA and it is first thing in the morning with no coffee yet....sheesh! At least I am freshly groomed. Sharon did an outstanding job on her segment(of course-trying to out shine me). I helped tape a little. And I can't believe how cheery Leah is in the morning--actually--all the time!!

But first I will link you to Adam's video which is hilarious!! He cracks me up!
And he loves fairy dust......
and also in the video is Pom's significant other-Michael-he is a sweetie!

And here is the link to Prima Studio;

Enjoy the segments!
I'll be back soon with some projects!
xoxo Cari
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