Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sneaks And An Update

Hey Everyone!!
Sorry it has been so long since I posted-I am so crazy busy since I got back from CHA! It was a blast-I love seeing everyone! I had so much to do once I got settled in again and I was exhausted to say the least...I've had book club, Jack's Birthday, deadlines for projects, etc. And now I am packing to leave for Cape Cod. I LOVE it there! I want to live there so bad! I always feel at home when I visit, the kids have a blast and the ocean is fabulous! The traffic-not so much..

And because I have been so swamped-I did not enter MMM-it is so much work and I am happy with what I have going on right now. All of it keeps me really busy as it is. Not to mention-I have to start looking for a job this fall which of course will take up a lot of my free time. So thats the story on that...
Here are some peeks for the Bad Girls kit for August debuting tonight! I hope everyone loves it as much as I did. It reminds me of the rustic sea side mixed with shabbiness that is to die for! And my stamp mixes in perfectly with it all! YAY! Let me know how you like the stamp, I would love to hear what everyone thinks! Good and bad! Seriously!

And I included a photo of an Ugly Doll cake I made for Jack on his birthday. I told Wendy I wasn't going to make one until his actual party but I changed my mind! I couldn't resist!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

CHA or bust!!

OK-I am headed off to CHA this morning! I will be back on the 21st--seems like such a long time to be away...but I gotta work! I will be at the Prima booth if anyone wants to stop by and say "hi!" I would love to see you!
I have been busy creating samples for the booth and I wanted to share a couple with you!
xoxo Cari

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th!

I can't believe I have been on the Bad Girls team a year now! It has flown by and I am sure it will continue to do so! Thats what happens when you have fun!
I had a mishap with my work in the DT Gallery this month-and Mike the Webmaster is on vacation! So I decided to upload here as well as the BG gallery...
And make sure you check out all of the BG birthday celebrations going on at the site this month-too fun! The classes are fabulous!
And I am so excited to have my stamp debuted! I hope everyone likes it! And wait until you see next month's stamp--ooohhh-it is so BAD!!!

A lot of you asked where I got my bike-I got it at Bicycle Alley in Manlius-Eric is the best!
My bike is a reproduction by Trek--they have some fabulous other colors and designs-they are all so awesome! I noticed a bunch of other choices when I went to pick mine up!

We are headed to the lake later today-can't wait to see the family! The kids are looking forward to it too! Uncle Tom got a new jet ski-Bryan is pumped! I will get some pics this weekend to share.

Anyway-here are the layouts-hope you like them!
Have a happy and safe 4th everyone!

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